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Stephan Wanger Art and Bead Town's Andrew Wilson Charter School Project and our next Guinness World Records attempt at the 2014 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in New Orleans, LA 

The start of the next Guinness World Records attempt called Life in the French Quarter featuring the annual Joan of Arc Parade 8'(H) x 96' (W). Estimated completion date Summer/Fall 2015

This is Bead Town - Four years of exhibiting and artworks created with the communities

The official verification of a Guinness World Records attempt achieved in December 2013. Introducing the Natchitoches Legacy Art Project and Concept.

The creation of My Beauty Underneath in 2010 by Stephan Wanger shows in detail how the artist approaches each artwork that he creates. The vison of My Beauty Underneath is simple - regardless of wearing a mask or not - no human can ever tell the true beauty that lies beneath our skin. 

NOLA's Resilience was created in 2010 in honor of the 5th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and to create awareness for the damages the BP Deepwater Oil Spill caused on the shores of Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. 

 A Postcard from New Orleans - This video shows the creation of Sanctuary of Alegria - Home of Happiness, Stephan's first large mural measuring 8'(H) x 30'(W) - Over 300 tourists from all over the World have signed the mural.