My Inspirations: The following people surround me daily, certainly inspire me and keep me motivated, check out their incredible work:

John David Mooney                 I worked with John David in Chicago, IL. Skyscrapers are his canvas. I so wish I had spent more time with him and (his wife?) Barbara while I was in Chicago. John David always knew that I was an artist - I didn't believe him. His work is out of the universe and so community oriented.

Antoni Gaudi                              I have traveled more to Barcelona, Spain (I think eight times) than any other city in the World because of Gaudi. The Barcelona artist started a project in 1882, a legacy that will be completed by other artists by 2026. That incredible fact alone taught me one big lesson, each time I begin an art project - namely, that no art project should ever be limited to size or time. If it is meant to be it will happen.

Holly Dickens                             I really consider myself lucky to call Holly Dickens a true, amazing friend. There are three things about her that make her so special. Her artistry touches about a billion people daily! It's a fact. The second aspect about Holly is her modesty (that's why you haven't heard of her,) the third aspect about Holly is that only a few people know of her amazing talent, and the personal aspect to me is her incredible enthusiasm - she has motivated me since 1993 to keep following my dreams. Holly Dickens and her soulmate Tom Johnson from Chicago are the reasons why I do things the way I do them. She is a lettering artist and when you go shopping you come across her work all the time - anywhere in the world!

Terrance Osborne                    from New Orleans, LA, is an incredibly imaginative and very successful artist who shared with me a few insights that I follow to this day. He also called me a “Mosaician” - I guess that's what I am.

Simon from New Orleans       When I asked Simon if he would paint for me an artwork that I will cover completely in recycled Mardi Gras beads he was the first “stranger” artist I met that actually embraced my art form. Simon inspires me because he keeps it simple and has become very successful and beloved by New Orleans and his fans. Simon keeps art affordable.

Mark Bernhardt                          is a doctor by day, an incredible “Mark’s Ark” artist by night, and an art collector on the weekends. Mark is so smart that he knew before he decided that he was an artist to focus on making a good living first. Mark's unique talent is to make expressions visible through art sculptures while the community can participate by guessing about his unique creations.